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P.O. Box 11163
Newport News, VA 23601


Sections and Committees

1. The Newport News Bar Association is excited to announce the formation of the Young Lawyers Committee and invites your participation in this Committee.The Young Lawyers Committee is open to members of the Newport News Bar Association who are under the age of 36 or who have been in practice for less than five years.  If you are interested in joining the Young Lawyers Committee and meet the criteria for membership, please contact Genny D'Ascenzo, CP, at admin@nnbar.org.

2.The Membership Committee promotes and encourages membership in the Newport News Bar Association through recruiting, retaining, and renewing membership of new and existing members.  The Committee recommends policies, procedures, and initiatives to assure a growing and thriving membership organization.  The Committee also recommends proposed changes in membership regulations to the Board of Directors, and actively promotes and encourages membership participation in Bar activities.

Dues for government attorneys and those who are eligible for the Young Lawyers Committee are $100. To be a member of the Young Lawyers Committee, you must have been in practice for less than five years OR be 35 years old or younger.

Honorary Membership is an option for those 70 years old and older; however, please be advised that Honorary members are not voting members. If you would like to become an Honorary Member, please so indicate on the attached form and simply return it to the address shown on the attached form. No payment is necessary.

Active and Associate memberships (those who do not fall in one of the above two categories) are $200.

3. The Judicial Screening Committee conducts interviews of those interested in serving as a judge.  Click here to view the Rules of the Judicial Screening Committee.